Great Taste Awards 2020

The Jar House Beer Bread mixes picked up TWO Great Taste Awards this year! You will see the prestigious logo added onto our packaging so you know our product is Great Taste accredited from the Guild of Fine Food!

Great Taste is the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards.
Food and drink is put to the test with a panel of over 500 experts of chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers.  Great Taste stars are highly respected seals of approval

Chilli Beer Bread – Judges comments

‘As the instructions dictate , we literally poured the ingredients into a large mixing bowl, measured the beer and mixed well to combine. This fun to make kit is so simple to create and would be ideal for a crowd or barbecue. An original baking mix that achieves a fully risen loaf with a crisp and well developed crust. The inner crumb was moist and light and had a pleasing flavour of deep malty notes finishing with a good balance of chilli.’


Rosemary Garlic & Olive Beer Bread – Judges comments

‘A unique and simple to make kit that combines well with a bottled beer to create a smooth, lump free dough. As instructed we baked the loaf for approximately 45 minutes and produced a well risen loaf with a crisp golden crumb. The recipe kit would be great for a party or to feed a crowd and the loaf is best enjoyed fresh from the oven after it has cooled slightly Deep malty notes from the added beer.’