The Jar House

Who are we? 

The Jar House started from our passion for travel, visiting distilleries & breweries and a love of craft beer & good bakes! We always bring home a local brew from our adventures to bake with, our quest to find the best ‘beer brewed breads’ inspired us to create our quick and easy bread baking mixes which work with any beer, stout, cider or soda water. Whichever you choose they all make great tasting bread.

We are a North East UK family business very proud of our unique British Beer Bread Company. All of our products are hand made and all natural. We support British farming, Fair-trade products, certified sustainable farming and packaging that’s environmentally friendly and ethically produced.

Our Beer Bread

We Brit’s are well known for our passion for baking and our love of beer! We made it easy to combine these two traditions with our beer brewed bread mixes in 8 fantastic flavours. Beer and Bread in one bake, how good is that! Even better they are simple to make and we only use all natural ingredients in our mixes. Fill your home with the irresistible aroma of freshly baking beer bread that taste’s so good.

Make your own beer bread with our easy to follow mix. Just pop the mix in a bowl, pour in beer, mix and bake. It’s that simple! Adding the frothy beer to the mix adds a perfect airy rise and a subtle beery, malty, hoppy flavour to the bread, pouring melted butter over gives a delicious crusty top, there’s no kneading or proving required.  Easy bread baking, with fantastic results.

Best served sliced with lashings of butter, extra tasty toasted and perfect with chutney and cheese in a ploughman’s lunch. Dip in soups and casseroles, curries or accompanying salads, cheese boards, sandwiches.. the list is endless.. You can use our kits in a loaf tin, pot loaf, BBQ, for flat bread, pizza base, cider bread, you can add cheese and other ingredients to create your own beer flavoured loaf or it’s delicious simply baked with the beer! You can use a light beer for a subtle flavour or if your a beer lover then add any full flavour beer you like, IPA will give you a hoppy malty taste, you can even use cider for an apple flavour, or if your not a beer drinker add soda water. We have 8 flavours of Beer Bread mixes and 3 Beer Biscuit mixes.

Our mixes also make unique gifts. Products can be purchased from us at our on-line shop, food festivals, Christmas events and in-store at various select retailers listed on our website.

We supply delis, food stores, breweries and national retailers such as The National Trust and department stores such as Harvey Nichols – Please contact us if you would like to join our list of fabulous retailers and stock our products.